Results-focused marketing solutions to expand your brand

Gone are the days of placing a company ad in your local newspaper and waiting for the calls to come in. In this technology-savvy world, marketing has expanded into dozens of different advertising platforms, attracting consumers that would’ve never been exposed to your business in the past. From traditional print advertising to social media and online advertising, marketing has spread to every type of communication channel available today. And SmartCast Group has inside access to it all.

Whether it’s online marketing or public relations management you’re looking for, SmartCast’s marketing division provides online business solutions that will increase your company’s revenue and keep your company’s ROI top of mind.

New Media Sources

New Media Sources is our online marketing agency that specializes in online digital strategy. We use search engine marketing, conversion rate optimization and social media optimization to achieve results for our clients. New Media Sources showcases a company’s best attributes through proper media channels to ensure maximum consumer exposure. We research, organize, build and edit a client’s campaign to perfection and continue to monitor a campaign after its launch, ensuring complete client satisfaction and optimal results.

Vancouver Creative

Vancouver Creative is a collection of talented designers, skilled developers and adept internet marketers with a dedication to providing the most agile creative experience possible, beginning at the website’s creation and continuing with our superior customer support. Vancouver Creative will design and build a web presence that is congruent with your company’s vision and growth objectives, and will ensure that your website is designed and hosted to meet your budget and service expectations. We specialize in digital content creation and design for all channels.

Drip Marketing

Drip Marketing is strategic marketing for business in the digital world. Whether it’s search engine optimization, web development, visual design, conversion optimization, or video production, we’ve got your back — Let’s get serious about your digital revenue channels.