Our Philosophy

A willingness to adapt to changing business demands and technology is what led us to become the successful multi-sector organization we are today. We take traditional business models and apply a fresh perspective to generate effective results. We consider ourselves “mild disrupters.” We recognize that there is a need for innovation in order to grow and profit as a company.

Our Story

Founded in 1999, the SmartCast Group initially began as Hotelicom Networks Inc, a guest experience solution pioneering internet connectivity in hotels. Hotelicom’s success inspired the formation of SmartCast, which focused on digital signage for the retail industry. The SmartCast Group’s reach further expanded into the coffee industry in 2006. The acquisition of an online marketing company eventually formed the Vancouver Creative Agency, which now provides premium web development services for  hundreds of clients both locally and internationally. After a large property acquisition, the SmartCast Group entered into the heavy equipment rental industry with the formation of Rent1 and Wescan Rentals in 2010 and 2014 respectively. The company began with a single machine; today, we have 35 machines worth over $3 million.

Our Vision For The Future

In 2015, the SmartCast Group enjoys a solid presence in numerous operating divisions which span marketing, web design, public relations, software development, motion picture production, heavy equipment rentals, real estate, land development, and foreign property rentals. Our success is derived from constant improvement in an ever-changing business landscape. We optimize profitability by applying a fresh perspective to existing business models in established industries. We continue to expand through organic growth and acquisitions.